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By guest, Nov 11 2015 02:02PM

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Jan 1 2019 03:19PM by Shaun Troy Sink

Short version at the end of the week, i will have $2000.00 Cash, i want to retreav a phone number to a bank in Bakersfield That has James Neff will and Trust on file.Location of safe deposit boxes from 2006..Locate security Cames in the 90245 zip code with Auto included.Cam is in a cop CAR.on this video is proof of document and Notre from the state of California in my Name phon number to the location is on the page.. Servalince/Auto. The 8th Month of 2006, The second Saturday of the Month on the Cornner of Richmond and west Grand Ave Ingell wood Ca, 90245. When Map Grid Pops Up from 2006 Click on the RED dot on Richmond ave for Video feed. PLEAS WATCH THE VIDEO IN PLAY MODE VERRY CARFULY FROM THE TIME I WALKED UP TO THE COP CAR , TO THE TIME I WALKED AWAY FROM THE WINDSHIELD?.tHE SHADOW FROM MY ARM WILL REVIEAL THE INFORMATION ON THE PAGES 1 LINE AT A TIME!.nOW AT THIS PHONE NUMBER WITH JAMES NEFF WILL AND tRUST A tAPE RECORDING FROM 2001 TO 2007 AT LEAST OF WILL CREATION AND pAYMENTS.An a check i wrote in 2002.It took 7 days to cash that check and i took it back,in case of forgery or fraud. ALL MY INFO IS ON THE FRONT.NOTHING IS CROSSED OUT.ON THE BACK IS MY ACCOUNT NUMBER FROM Bakersfield Californiaunder the Tax free inheritance Law of California.Page 66 of the finance book of Money.Starts on page 66 goe's to page 70 i think.EVERY LAW LIBRERRY IN AMERICA HAS THIS BOOK.in 2006 i redgesterd my fingerprints to my accounts and boxesand eyeball retnall scan. NOW THIS, in 1978 i was stabbed with a fencing sword 3 times, less Nichols loaded me into a minnie van took me from Lagiuna Beach california to Grampaws hause in Wofferd Hights,Kern vill/ or Lake Issebella. James Tryed to pull it out with Plyers But it brok. it stayed in my shoulder.He Opened a 401k and Kepet it for me.in the year 2000 a death. 2001 he told me he still had it. found someone taking stuff was not theirs, wrote the check in 2002. To replace 1 for the other i bought 1 james bought 1. the 1 i bought was stollen. the 1 james bought was still in circulation till 2003.End of contract in 2003 we CLOSED this 1 401k in 2003 and i wrote his new will with $250,000.00 dollers of the proffits. like 7 or 8 Bank accounts for 7 or 8 differant Familys. i know the law of forgery there and imbeselment. the check i wrote was from Community First Bank of Lapine Oregon Bought Insurence to protect the account from forgery. The check is from Dishutes County Oregon, Bend Oregon. Deshutes county Hall of Records had the Monthley earnings reports from 2006 to date. Found them there in 2007Video Footages of Pages Leaving there too.. This is what I sugest.Look into the video on the police car get the phone number Ask for James Neff will and Trust,and the check Shaun Sink wrote in 2002, should be there with the James Neff Tax free WILL Flip the check over to the back LOOK AT THE ACCOUNT NUMBER FROM BAKERSFIELD, TYP IT IN TO THE COMPUTER Shaun Sink Account sHOULD NOT BE FORGED OVER NO HOW. tHIS ACCOUNT WENT IN TO CIRCULATION IN 2006 WITH $60,000.00 IN 2007 IT WAS WORTH 2.3 mILLION AND RISSING iNSURED TO PREVENT FORGERY AND NOTRE BY THE gOVANOR OF ca AS SEEN ON vIDEO. VERRY WELL SHAUN SINK 541 981 2465. bE AT WORK ALL DAY. SHAUN SINK 4712966

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